Soup Kitchen
Ipswich Outreach Soup Kitchen
A nightly outreach programme formed in 1992 serving the homeless & needy within the town.
With an army of over 200+ volunteers The Soup Kitchen goes out every night of the week with food drink and essentials.
Two nights of the week we are joined by the NHS Health Outreach Team, and twice a month by volunteers from the Samaritans.
Each night we can expect to see 15 to 45 people with various needs, in some cases it is folk that just come down for someone to talk to.

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Ipswich Outreach Soup Bus
Giving the number and individual needs of people we are seeing each day, the idea of an outreach bus was discussed. The follow up to this was to raise funds to purchase and convert a vehicle that could be used to facilitate the future plans for this project.
The bus will be used to enable partner agencies to work at street level to offer their individual services.
In addition, we aim to provide a weekend service to assist those in need when leaving the nightspots within the town centre.
As time progresses, we hope to see the usage of the bus grow throughout the town offering help wherever there is a need.

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Charity Shop
Ipswich Outreach Charity Shop
Our Charity Shop is situated at 65 Westgate Street, Ipswich.
The shop was opened to assist us with the ongoing running of our charity work.

A small shop within the town centre offers good quality clothes and many other items at very low prices.

Tel: 01473 214297
Ipswich Outreach, 65 Westgate Street, Ipswich, IP1 3DZ
Tel Ian Walters: 07752573833
Registered Charity 1164938


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